Giancarlo Presutto: a man defined by fashion

Probably, it would be difficult to find another man whose life and work would be so close to fashion. It is safe to say that Giancarlo Presutto devoted his entire career to the fashion world. He works in various fashion-related fields, such as models or fashion projects managing. He constantly proves his worth and knowledge to many different companies around the globe. Wondering what it means to work with fashion every day and what attitude towards beauty and fashion is formed under these circumstances? Keep reading!

To talk about Giancarlo work and dedication for fashion can take hours. Currently, he is engaged and shares his expertise with such a huge project as “Federazione Nazionale Moda di Unimpresa”, taking an important part in Milan Fashion Week 2020 and planning a bunch of various fashion events. Moreover, he collaborates with fashion designers and worldwide famous brands in expanding and developing international fashion business. These are just a few of the positions and jobs that his current life revolves around. Pretty impressive, huh?

Giancarlo Presutto always, no matter what, respects fashion and feels passionate about it. Guess it’s the main secret of his success. “I have always admired the greatest Italian fashion designers – they created and still create spectacular art which made the history of fashion”.

His favorites and the ones which define his style the most are Versus, Philipp Plein, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani brands. “My job is to follow trends and keep up with every little change in the fashion world, even though my style is individual and personal”. However, Giancarlo cannot imagine his wardrobe without a simple leather jacket, white shirts and a pair of comfortable jeans.

Although Giancarlo has a very tolerant and respectful attitude towards any beauty treatments, he believes that the best way to keep up with one’s natural beauty is taking care of eating habits, exercising regularly and not smoking. This is what a man who constantly works with worldwide famous models thinks. Guess he knows what he’s talking about.

Despite so many career achievements in the fashion industry and enviable work experience with high fashion and top models, as the greatest achievement, Giancarlo names his wonderful family and the deep and true trust he feels not only from his relatives but from his colleagues as well. Being surrounded by nice and honest people is his strongest motivation. After all, who wouldn’t trust and admire a man with such an impressive work experience?