Agness Beige

Agness is the soul of Fashion House, an ambitious and creative innovator from Lithuania who has more than four years’ experience in branding an international company while maintaining a creative leadership in a brand strategy. Her path in this industry started in 2015, when Agness established her first company – beauty school named Fashion Garage. Fashion Garage was an exceptional, first such kind of beauty school in Norway, Oslo. Its purpose was to lead people with professional programs of development and helped them to adapt in a foreign country with a possibility to improve skills in various beauty specialty trainings. Agness mentored a team of 5 individuals and collaborated with many partners from various Europe countries. The success of Fashion Garage and the ambitious passion for fashion and beauty industry has led Agness to open a branch in Barcelona named Fashion House. This extraordinary bohemian place full of art, fashion and unique projects opened its doors in 2019. Although the concept of Fashion House differs, Agness Beige manages it with a deep dedication, open heart and a mind full of free, unframed ideas.

The idea to catch the most memorable and happiest moments of people’s lives encouraged Gintautas to study photography and since then the camera has become an integral part of his life. During long work experience, he worked with various photography genres  from wedding and fashion events, from portraits to interior. Here, in Barcelona’s FASHION HOUSE, Gintautas demonstrates an extraordinary talent in the fashion photography field. The majority of pictures on our website are a result of Gintautas’ hard work, devotion, and wide capability.


Maurizio Pedroni was born in Venezuela and grew up in Italy. He studied fashion photography in Milan and later on moved to Barcelona to strengthen his professional path in fashion photography through a Master’s degree in Fashion Photography & Lifestyle. His Italian DNA and his upbringing in a fashion city like Milano led him to the Lifestyle environment that developed his artistic eye bringing appreciation, respect, and admiration for art and fashion. Thus, his talent was noticed and joined the Fashion House crew and is responsible for fashion photography in Barcelona. Photography is Maurizio’s passion and he seeks to communicate through his art this combination of simplicity, aesthetics, colors, and lines that together generate those deep emotions that inspire to remember his works for a really long time.

A tireless seeker, a great strategist and a sincere communicator – words that best describe Aidas, who is responsible for all FASHION HOUSE sales affairs. He has been in the field of beauty and fashion for years, as back in 2015 Aidas started to work in FASHION GARAGE as sales manager for beauty supplies and salon inventory. At our multifunctional beauty and fashion center FASHION HOUSE he started working in 2019 and since then managed to attract many business partners from all over the world. His flawless work and spectacular results have proven that there is no door that Aidas would not open and there is no heart that Aidas cannot conquer. “Honest and trust-based communication with customers and partners is a straight way that leads to success”.

Public communication and relation specialist Karolina is responsible for clear FASHION HOUSE information and news dissemination and its flawless presentation through various media platforms. Fashion Editors’ role let’s her to manage and to make final decisions on written and visual information that reaches the targeted audience. That includes topics creation, selection of visuals and other content formulation in various channels. Strong attention to details and a sense of fashion and delicateness are the key features that let’s Karolina to create interesting and engaging content. “I simply love what I am doing and to work in fashion field is a true blessing. It improves my creativity and communication skills dramatically day by day.”

All Fashion House flyers, banners, ads, and other visuals or graphic solutions are so flawless thanks to our amazing graphic designer Brigita. It’s quite stunning that her deep friendship with art began from photography. This field of art immediately broadened her horizons and sparked interest in other arts. Thus, graphic design was found and now it’s almost 3 years that Birigita has dedicated herself to it. Brigita finds a great opportunity and unlimited possibilities to create various stories and characters through graphics. We are absolutely sure that her broad approach, quality work, and understanding of art make us better and more interesting to our clients every day.