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Fashion Brunch at Batuar gathered an army of successful woman: Marjolein Lokker, Mariana D‘Amicis & more

On a sunny Sunday morning, empowering women of Barcelona rushed to get ready and gathered in the Batuar restaurant based in the Cotton House Hotel. An exciting Fashion Brunch program, appetizing meals, and sparkling champagne glasses awaited them here. Yet, the best morning ingredient was this strong sense of community. Unexpectedly many influential women came to Fashion Brunch. One of them is a well-known marketing consultant Marjolein Lokker from the Netherlands, who describes herself as a digital nomad. Although her work requires 24/7 dedication, it gives her the life she always dreamed of. Another brunch guest was this actress and plus-size model from Argentina Mariana D‘Amicis, who stands out with her charisma and brilliant talent. Mariana breaks stereotypes daily. We ensure - she's a natural at it! Also, we had some guests from Lithuania. The talented painter Aiste is one of them. Not only a painter but an event’s organizer [...]

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Fashion House indulging in a deep beach meditation

All self-conscious individuals are aware that fashion and beauty cannot properly function in a damaged spirit. In the absence of calmness, self-love, and pure inner state the outside affairs lose every meaning. That’s why Fashion House pays attention not only to external beauty but to inner as well. This very Monday we had the honor to be a part of a group beach meditation. Though it started on Monday evening, the group of women said goodbye to each other only on Tuesday morning. Yes, we spent the whole night on a cozy Barcelona’s beach. Deep meditation allowed us to feel a variety of emotional experiences - stay grounded and filled with love. A night swim in a loving sea and sunrise watching – is there a better way for inside recovery?

Fashion House in collaboration with Anthony Sánchez

As Fashion House is diving into the waters of events and new partnerships at maximum speed, collaboration with haute couture designer Anthony Sánchez was inevitably born. The extremely talented and unique creator will work hand in hand with the Fashion House in preparation for a soon-to-be-released clothing collection. This high-fashion brand is known for its unique clothing design techniques with very high-quality materials. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Anthony creates unique fashion art in a stunning atelier using only the most luxurious and natural fabrics. For this reason, the creations of Anthony Sánchez reach the tops of the high-fashion world. Fashion House team is so excited to deliver some amazing things in collaboration with this incredible designer Anthony Sánchez. Keep up with the news!

Fashion Injection: an annual apogee of youth creativity

Fashion Injection is an extraordinary annual event bringing together many young designers from around the globe to celebrate their uniqueness and talents. It gives them a great opportunity to express creativity and attitude towards the current world and the concept of fashion. This exact fashion feast happened in the fall of 2019 when the world was still wide open. It was compared to a train as participants could get a ticket to the next level of fashion. No wonder why it was held in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius train station. 4 designers out of 17 were awarded by the jury to participate at a higher-level fashion event called Fashion Infection. One of the winners is Tomasso from Cyprus. His ‘Reborn’ collection was addressed to diversity and multiculturalism aspects. Designer Lina Misekaite with “Magdelenai” collection is also among the winners. The young creator from Lithuania focused on the contrast of her nation’s [...]

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