A beauty master Nikoleta Jarute: how did she discover her life purpose?

An award-winning makeup artist Nikoleta must be known by many women worldwide and especially – by brides from different world places. Specializing in the destination wedding area, Nikoleta takes care of international client‘s looks on their special occasions held in Catalonia. Having built a business from a scratch all by herself, Nikoleta now runs a popular and well-deserved beauty studio in Barcelona.

Yet, Nikoleta‘s life was not always this successful and enviable. Originally from Lithuania, 7 years ago she moved to Barcelona after 5 years spent in London. Although she was already an experienced make-up artist, she had no clue about the rules of the beauty industry here. Cultural shock and motherhood made it harder to adapt, but Nikoleta decided to find a way to succeed and stand out no matter what.

„Although it took some time to fell in love with Barcelona, by discovering this magnificent and vivid city I actually found my true self.„

She was instantly amazed by cosmopolitan and interesting Barcelona‘s people. Just after moving to Spain, Nikoleta discovered esotericism and met a few spiritual teachers which brought a completely different understanding of her goals, capability, and overall values. Thanks to all this experience, she realized what her actual life purpose is. Not to simply do makeup by emphasizing one‘s facial features, but to actually boost women‘s confidence and to help celebrate their uniqueness, femininity, and strength. For this reason, Nikoleta fell for photography as well.

„Everyone of us is a goddess, and I am purely in love with all feminine silhouettes. Through makeup and photography, I want to reveal the delicate and mysterious nature of a woman. With a little makeup, subtle hairstyle, and the right pose, every woman can be a queen.“

By comprehending and accepting the purpose, a wide road to a dream aroused. At first, she launched www.nikoletamakeup.com destination wedding services, blew out internet search engines, and became one of the most influential specialists in this specific area. Two years later, a physical Nikoleta Makeup studio was born.

Now Nikoleta and her beauty masters team is a crucial part of Barcelona‘s beauty industry. Her studio gathers a lot of creative and influential people. The best beauty specialists from all over Europe come here to hold high-level masterclass courses. It is quite amazing, how genuinely one’s life can improve by simply understanding a purpose.

„Life is a game – we must enjoy it and take every opportunity, right?“