Based in Barcelona, Fashion House is an online magazine as well as a place full of fashion events and Master Class courses. Our team suggests the latest and strongest facilities in this industry. Our audience is unique and extraordinary – it has no gender, age, and sexual orientation as we believe in an unframed fashion perception. In the luxurious venues where our events take place, one can become not only a true professional but also a master as well as a leader.

In the Fashion House, our clients have an opportunity to participate in various events, to improve their skills along with acquiring new qualifications and becoming top level professionals in their work area. We suggest not only knowledge and beauty services as this iconic place is full of professional, top quality cosmetics – hair treatment, make-up, manicure tools, and many other necessities. And of course, we wouldn’t call ourselves a Fashion House without a wide spectrum of unique, branded, quality clothing created by talented designers from all over Europe.

Only highly qualified, worldwide acknowledged fashion industry professionals are working here to guarantee flawless courses, knowledge based advises, and other services. Our goal is to become one of the best and most popular international beauty and fashion events company. We aim to become the center of innovation and partnerships as well as share useful and valuable information. Fashion House seeks to form a fair and objective attitude towards fashion therefore we never forget to contribute to various charity foundations.

Remember those scenes in Hollywood movies where a woman is surrounded by professionals in a photoshoot? Well, it is very possible you will feel this kind of atmosphere here, in the Fashion House events.