Marjolein Lokker: she found her freedom by taking everything in control


Marjolein Lokker

A successful marketing consultant, a global Instagram influencer, a businesswoman, an award-winning creator, a fashion icon, and a beauty lover. Can one human being be this much?

Apparently, it can and such a person actually exists. Here, in Barcelona, Marjolein Lokker runs her own company and certainly influences not only people on socials but her colleagues and friends as well. Yet, Marjolein remains tactful and prefers to be simply called a digital nomad.

“I’ve been working for various beauty brands for more than 5 years now and it gave me the life I always dreamed of. Although my work is 24/7, the feeling of power and freedom at the same time is no less than incredible.”

While working in the beauty field, Marjolein has a strong connection to fashion. Those who follow her on socials must have noticed both – her unique and vivid style and overall knowledge of high-fashion. Yet, not all are aware that a lot of moons earlier, during her MBA in Paris, Marjolein won a prestigious IFFT award. And guess which board chose Marjolein’s idea as the best of that year? Yes, it is big. It actually is the ode to Italian luxury. It is Missoni.    

However, having such a creative mind is not always easy. Being your own boss and keeping a bunch of brands in your hands is much more challenging than it looks like at first glance.

“My mind is racing 24/7 about new ideas for my clients and projects. Sometimes that is challenging, but it also proves who I really am – a thinker and a creator.”

Originally from the Netherlands, Marjolein strongly believes that she found her way to freedom by simply (not easily) taking everything in control. Still, she stays modest and emphasizes the meaning and importance of friends, colleagues, and other companions. No matter at what stage of her life they played a role, Marjolein is thankful.

“Regardless of all the achievements and inner strength, my true happiness is all these amazing and real people I have by my side. Without honest communication and support, none of these amazing things would have happened in my life. “