Ieva Bukovska: a queen with the green crownA successful entrepreneur, beloved mother, and simply a wonderful person Ieva Bukovska perfectly describes the concept of a strong and independent woman.

She is the founder and soul of a completely phenomenal community called The Green Boutique – a social club only for private members based in Barcelona, Spain. Gathered and growing community is constantly pampered by delightful, fancy events and the availability of exceptional quality products.

Being involved in the Cannabis industry is not only exciting but challenging as well. It requires a lot of attention to detail and professionalism in everyday tasks, as this kind of business has only a few examples to get the inspiration from. Thus, Ieva stays on her own.

However, the challenging part of The Green Boutique helps her to wake up every day with maximum determination and strength. Ieva is in complete control of her life. Yet, there’s no huge reason for that, as she assumes that all this strength comes from within.

„To love yourself is a must in order to love others and be powerful. We need to start from ourselves first.“

Although Ieva devotes much of her energy to her beloved business and amazing family, during the interview it became clear that she has a really close relation to fashion sense and now we are fascinated by her even more, right?

Asked about the most charming thing in fashion Ieva says that it’s that pure freedom to express your thoughts, emotions, and attitude every day. She describes her style as simple elegancy. Thus, it’s no surprise that as her favorite fashion brands she names Prada, Maje, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci. Ieva also admitted her greatest weakness – beautiful bags and shoes. It is obvious that by highlighting it Ieva maintains the amazing style and looks no matter what.

“For me, fashion is only about feeling. Trends come and go, but individuality and the ability to tell your story through clothes is eternal.”

Ieva shines joy and calmness and as her secret of happiness, she names simple balance. The balance between personal and professional world, between work and family. But don’t rush to follow up – every person has their own recipe of happiness which works only for that person.