Eliya Cioccolato: her talent turns women into goddesses

Endless persistence, exceptional creativity, self-confidence, and fascinating beauty. These are the words that perfectly describe worldwide famous fashion designer, Instagram beauty blogger, and online business establishment master Eliya Cioccolato. The clothes she creates are absolutely stunning, and the fashion concept she spreads is exceptional and diverse. But, let’s start from the beginning, as Eliya shared with us her story and some secrets of her success and stunning beauty.

Eliya Cioccolato was born in Russia, but for many years now she is based in the USA, Miami. She felt the extreme passion for unique fabrics and designing since childhood, thus decided to establish her own fashion brand in states. To create something big and phenomenal in different culture required a lot of determination, inner strength, and persistence. Still, she constantly believed that her passion and talent for couture would still find a way to illuminate the fashion world.

Thus, Cioccolato Couture was born.


Eliya Cioccolato: her talent turns women into goddesses

From the very beginning until today, Eliya is fostering excellent collaborations with Haute couture designers, fashion professionals, and worldwide famous celebrities. Now Eliya’s Ready to Wear and Cruise Collection are perfectly-recognized, adored massively, and being sold not only in the USA, but worldwide as well. She also took part in grandiose fashion events such as New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Miami Swim Fashion Week, and many more.

My greatest life accomplishment so far is moving to the USA by myself and establishing a successful Cioccolato Couture fashion company. I am thankful for the strength to make it on my own.”


Eliya Cioccolato: her talent turns women into goddesses

Eliya’s fashion atelier and the clothes she creates emphasize modern women’s beauty and sensuality. Made of the finest quality and uniquely patterned fabrics are all produced in Miami. Most clothes stand out with their bold avant-garde decor. Eliya’s creations make women feel like goddesses, liberates femininity, and sexuality. The designer pays extreme attention to details, thus constantly visits manufacturing places and her team to ensure the finest clothing quality.

Eliya’s stunning appearance also contributes to her uniqueness. Might be her Asian and Italian roots why all eyes are always on her. Yet, she takes care of her physical and mental state every day. Starting from infusing face skin with natural oils, ending with doing exercises for face muscles to avoid invasive procedures.“Every man and woman must take care of oneself. This is an integral part of one success.

The recipe for happiness by Eliya Cioccolato is to live in a moment and be thankful. With this in mind, everything is possible. Right?