Fashion Injection is an extraordinary annual event bringing together many young designers from around the globe to celebrate their uniqueness and talents. It gives them a great opportunity to express creativity and attitude towards the current world and the concept of fashion.

This exact fashion feast happened in the fall of 2019 when the world was still wide open. It was compared to a train as participants could get a ticket to the next level of fashion. No wonder why it was held in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius train station. 4 designers out of 17 were awarded by the jury to participate at a higher-level fashion event called Fashion Infection.

One of the winners is Tomasso from Cyprus. His ‘Reborn’ collection was addressed to diversity and multiculturalism aspects.

Designer Lina Misekaite with “Magdelenai” collection is also among the winners. The young creator from Lithuania focused on the contrast of her nation’s fashion now and in the past.

Another Lithuanian creator also stood out with “Bad Reputation” collection. Known by the name of E.STAR he questioned the importance of gender in today’s fashion perception.

Russian designer Yaroslov Glazunov presented a collection called “Intuism” and also won a ticket to Fashion Infection.  In the process of creation, he activates the pure intuition of an artist by completely dissociating from any beliefs or information.

Fashion House photographer Gintautas Rapalis had the opportunity to participate in Fashion Injection and made some amazing visuals to satisfy our curiosity. Enjoy the full gallery of rebellious creativity.