On a sunny Sunday morning, empowering women of Barcelona rushed to get ready and gathered in the Batuar restaurant based in the Cotton House Hotel. An exciting Fashion Brunch program, appetizing meals, and sparkling champagne glasses awaited them here. Yet, the best morning ingredient was this strong sense of community.

Unexpectedly many influential women came to Fashion Brunch. One of them is a well-known marketing consultant Marjolein Lokker from the Netherlands, who describes herself as a digital nomad. Although her work requires 24/7 dedication, it gives her the life she always dreamed of. Another brunch guest was this actress and plus-size model from Argentina Mariana D‘Amicis, who stands out with her charisma and brilliant talent. Mariana breaks stereotypes daily. We ensure – she’s a natural at it!

Also, we had some guests from Lithuania. The talented painter Aiste is one of them. Not only a painter but an event’s organizer and traveling enthusiast as well. All women at the Fashion Brunch agreed to meet at her soon-to-be-opened art gallery. Another Lithuanian guest Monika is a co-founder of a yoga clothing brand AmourInTime. We sure were amazed by these super lovely clothes.

Also, we have to mention Raisa and Iris from Moldovia. Raisa, a fashion industry specialist joined Fashion Brunch at the best timing. She shared her experience and spread this strong love to fashion around, while Iris told us about her spectacular career in sales and healthcare.

Thanks to all ambitious ladies, the Sunday morning in Batuar restaurant was a blast of inspiration.

All of them left with a wide smile on their face. It seemed that their heads were raised higher as well. Probably Fashion House is succeeding in its mission, right?

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