A successful model career, lots of adventures, breathtaking experiences and finally – an award of Miss Europe Continental. It is easy to lose yourself in the face of extraordinary success. However, Anna Semenkova experience made her realize that inner state and emotional harmony are the main things to keep her happy and successful. The worldwide famous model revealed her rocky path to success and self-knowledge as well as relation to fashion, style, and beauty.

Anna, who has been in the modeling business for years, assumes that there are two sides to it. The bright side is visible to all and is often perceived as an aspiration to the majority. Branded clothes, professional make-up, glamour look and of course, constant traveling around the globe – it absolutely sounds like a superior routine and a truly blessed life.

However, there is a lot of competition, tension, and stress in this business. “Although at first glance my career seems like a true success story, there were times when I had to experience injustice and betrayals. It was an invaluable experience that made me stronger. However, I probably wouldn’t have endured it without the kind and honest people around me, to whom I will always feel grateful.” – says Anna.

Despite the careers’ ups and downs, another integral part of modeling is a sense of fashion and its trends. However, Anna tends to rely on her personal taste while choosing an outfit. The basics that describe Anna’s style are quality and classics, sophistication and modesty. “Fashion is temporary, style is forever” – believes Anna. As her favorites she distinguishes Dior and Chanel works – they are elegant and chic just as much as Anna seeks.

Modeling career and of course, feminine nature requires constant body care and beauty maintenance. Anna prefers non-injection mesotherapy, chemical peels, body and face massages. She firmly believes that gentle cleansing, hydration, and nutrition are essential for daily skincare and beauty, therefore chooses only high-quality skincare products. In addition, Anna promotes a healthy lifestyle – a balanced diet and physical activity are her daily routine.

However, according to Anna the strongest source of beauty is not branded clothes, beauty treatments or a healthy lifestyle. Although it‘s crucial to every self-loving person, Anna believes that all of it loses its meaning if we do not care about inner beauty and peace. „I am currently trying to devote time to various spiritual practices and personal development.“

Traveling, constant learning and better self-knowledge helped her to see the world in a whole new way. The perception that there is something more important than external beauty has changed Anna‘s values and priorities.

Anna’s recipe for happiness fits into a few short phrases – “To be happy is to feel the harmony between a healthy body and a healthy soul. The only true source of happiness is inside of us.“